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Westchester Sidewalks Getting Facelift While Howard Hughes Center Expansion Waits

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Nearly $2 million will be pumped into the streets and sidewalks (but not literally) of Sepulveda in Westchester, City Councilman Bill Rosendahl announced yesterday. The money comes from the developers of the Howard Hughes Center mixed-use project, which could bring a handful of new buildings to the area, including an 18-story tower. The developer, Equity Office Properties, agreed to the sidewalk improvements and landscaping as part of an amended agreement with the city. Additionally, "the amended agreement, which the Mayor signed on Tuesday afternoon, extends the 1986 Howard Hughes Center Development Agreement and allows more time for undeveloped lots to be built-out with a broader range of uses consistent with the property's underlying commercial zoning," according to a press release from Rosendahl's office. Equity implies on its website that work won't be starting until the economy improves. The hope is that overgrown ficus trees along Sepulveda will get nipped in the interim.
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Howard Hughes Center

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