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Lautner's Windsong Thought to Be Urban Architecture Legend

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To round out a Lautnerful week, here's this incredible tale of the John Lautner-designed Windsong house, which sits on a mountainside out in Riverside County. (We first saw it a year ago asking $899,000). Palm Springs Life reports that no one thought the house existed and that experts "believed the house had been commissioned but never built." That's what client Marco Wolff (of Lautner's West Hollywood Wolff House) was hoping for, actually--he called it "a fortress against the ever-changing pressures of weather patterns?the antithesis of urban living." In 1992, the house had been vacant for two years and the roof leaked and rats ran wild. A couple named Pat and Glo Smith took a liking to it and bought it; at the closing they were given plans with Lautner's name on them. The house is 2,200 square feet and sits on more than 11 acres "15 minutes above Banning." Since March, it's been asking $725,000.
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48700 Twin Pines Rd., Banning, CA