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Minimalist Ellsworth Kelly Makes Just a Tweak to WeHo Gallery

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Updated 10/1: Today The New York Times takes a look at the forthcoming Matthew Marks Gallery in West Hollywood, which opens in January. Marks went to his former collaborator, minimalist artist Ellsworth Kelly, to help put a finishing touch on its white, stucco, box-shaped building, designed by Culver City firm Zellnerplus. Kelly, being a minimalist, didn't add much to the edifice: just a simple black stripe at the top. The design is reminiscent of some of Kelly's most famous mid-century works--Marks thinks it will entice dog walkers and other pedestrians to stop and take a second look. To accentuate the visual oomph of the funky little building, Marks managed to convince the phone company to bury their poles under the sidewalk. "All of a sudden," Mr. Marks told the Times, "I have a building that is a work of art."
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