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All the Signs of the Hollywood Sign Viewing Spot Wars

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HOLLYWOODLAND: The Hollywood Sign Viewing Spot Wars media blitz reached a fever pitch this month (last weekend, the story made it 3,000 miles cross-country to the New York Times), even as it becomes more and more clear that there's no easy solution to the problem of where to send tourists to view the Hollywood Sign. As you may recall, the Wars (although not the traffic--that started much earlier) started back in February, when one homeowner group put up signs that pointed tourists toward Lake Hollywood Park--the move was meant to mitigate GPS directions that had been sending people to dead-end Deronda Drive (they've since been changed--Google Maps will now take you to the Griffith Observatory). Since then, the battles over the Hollywood Sign have led to more signs, big and small, real and imaginary--click through the gallery to get the whole story. We just wonder how many more signs it's gonna take until there's a solution that actually makes sense for tourists, for all the Hills homeowners, and for the city (ok, we'll say it again: gondola!). [Curbed Staff]