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Checking Back in on the Pre-Occupied Hancock Park House

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Yesterday, Deadline Hollywood reported that Fox has bought a sitcom pitch based on the 2006 This American Life segment "Deal of a Lifetime." Per the site, the show, entitled The Man Upstairs, "centers on a young woman who buys a house that is advertised as a 'deal of a lifetime,' but there's one catch: the house comes along with the elderly man who owns it." Seeing this item brought to mind a certain Hancock Park fixer recently listed with a few unusual stipulations, so we thought we'd check back in to see if anyone had taken the bait and bought the house with the condition that "Owner shall have a life estate in the real property, remain in the property at no cost to himself or his estate for the remainder of his life." Much to our disappointment, the listing copy that once contained the immortal line, "He currently stays in a small room downstairs next to the kitchen," now reads: "TEMPORARILY WITHDRAWN WHILE DETAILS OF THE ESTATE IS BEING WORKED OUT."
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