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Industrial District Coming Alive, Clifton's Closes, New Lunch Option in Mid-Wilshire, Foie Gras Feast on Fairfax

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Updated 9:03 pm: DOWNTOWN: The space once occupied by *Royal Clayton's--in the near-barren Industrial District--will likely be back alive soon (see image). It's looking like it'll be French fare and called The Little Bear.

DOWNTOWN: Clifton's Cafeteria is now closed for three to six months as part of a renovation being done by owner and Downtown developer Andrew Meieran. The good news is that the bakery will remain open while workers labor to bring the cafeteria back to its 1930 glory.

MID-WILSHIRE: A rare stretch of Mid-Wilshire that doesn't have a million idling food trucks got a Slow Fish on Tuesday. The sushi restaurant, at Cochran, is a second location (the first is in Huntington Beach).

FAIRFAX: Ludo Lefebvre is partnering with Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo to host a foie gras feast at Animal on both October 14 and 15. Tickets for the eight-course meal are $175 a pop. We'll reserve judgment and let you castigate if you so please.
· Eater LA [Official Site]