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Space Invaders Descending (Faster and Faster) on Culver City

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Good luck getting the sound of bloops and tinny 8-bit music (video) out of your head today--Space Invaders are descending on downtown Culver City starting this weekend, reports the CC Patch. The city commissioned "Invaded!," by LA-based artist (and LAUSD digital design teacher) Jason Torchinsky, to go along with the IndieCade International Festival of Independent Games, which it's hosting October 7-9. The ten foot wide, eight foot tall, three foot thick invaders are made out of plywood (Torchinsky tells the Culver City Times "The first couple invaders were fun to make, but after that they did start getting arduous. They're built like big outdoor sheds, really."), and they'll be scattered around downtown in pedestrian areas.