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Hollywood Tower Renters Get Free Rooftop Florence and the Machine Shows

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Lots of apartment buildings come with dog walking and infinity pools, but how many give well-heeled Hollywood renters (studios in La Belle start at $1,907 a month) a little Silver Lake cred? Renters at the Hollywood Tower and its eastern extension La Belle at Hollywood Tower get access to free "intimate rooftop shows" hosted by KYSR-FM, reports the Hollywood Patch. Incubus played this week; in the past, acts have included Florence and the Machine (latest Pitchfork rating: 7.2), Broken Bells (6.7), and Los Felizians Airborne Toxic Event (1.2). A rep for the Hollywood Tower tells Patch "Every resident is presented with an 'all access pass' upon move in, which allows them plus a guest to attend all of the uber exclusive shows" (however, they do have to share the exclusivity with radio contest winners).
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Hollywood Tower

6138 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA