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Two-Bedroom in Ain's Avenel Coop Now Up For Lease

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We first made the acquaintance of this two-bedroom, one-bath unit in Silver Lake's Avenel Housing Cooperative Project back in April, when it was put on the market for $729,000. According to Redfin, the Michael Folonis-renovated unit was chopped to $695,000 in May, and asking for backup offers as of August 27. Apparently, the sale fell through, and the 1,114 square foot apartment is now being advertised as a rental on Craigslist . Per the ad, the residence, which is in the Ivanhoe school district, includes "2 bedrooms plus convertible den, open plan, living/dining area, laundry, terrace garden and single garage with additional parking space." Monthly rent is $,2900.
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