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WeHo's Old Fickett Library Surprise-Demolished, Locals Show You Their Neighborhoods

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Well, West Hollywood has no problem getting over its exes, clearly. Just a few days before its new library is set to open, the city has started demolition on the old Edward Fickett-designed one in West Hollywood Park. This photo was taken today (by a friend of commenter vokoban, who helpfully posted it on flickr). Preservationists (and Fickett's wife Joycie) had been trying to save the 1960 library and were hoping for an adaptive reuse; no one involved in that fight seems to have known this was coming. The library is being demolished to make more open space in the park. [flickr]

ALL OVER: For the Westwooder who has no clue about East Hollywood and the Boyle Heightser who's dying to know what Studio City's all about, there is Found LA, a day of neighborhood tours led by locals. City Councilmember Eric Garcetti will guide visitors through Atwater Village; two sisters behind San Pedro's Warner Grand Theatre restoration will lead a tour through that city's arts district; and "In Leimert Park, artist Karen Collins will, among other things, share her African American Museum of Miniatures." See, you're learning about crazy neighborhood secrets already. Tours are free--sign up here. [Curbed Inbox]