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81.5% of Fans Expected to Drive to Downtown NFL Games

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Updated 12:17 pm: Governor Brown is in Los Angeles this morning, ready to hold a press conference at 10:30 am and "take action that will help put thousands of Californians to work," according to his office. That sounds like good odds that he'll be signing a bill that speeds up environmentally-based legal challenges to the proposed Farmers Field Downtown NFL stadium project Update: and he's signed it (and perhaps also a companion bill that speeds up environmentally-based legal challenges to many big development projects). Part of the requirement of that bill is that "vehicle trip ratio at the stadium -- the number of private cars driven to the stadium for a game divided by the number of fans in attendance -- to be less than 90 percent of the ratio at any other NFL stadium in the country," according to the City News Service. The Mobility Group, consultants for developer AEG, gave a report on the 72,000-seat stadium's transportation plan yesterday, but no one's quite sure yet what that report's relationship is to the bill's requirements. Here's what we do know:

--Estimated 81.5 percent of game attendees will drive to weekend games
--15 percent will ride transit
--3.5 percent will walk from nearby hotels or homes
--The stadium will require about 19,500 parking spots for each weekend football game
--Mobility found 38,350 parking spaces that would be available Downtown on Sunday afternoons in 2016, when the stadium opens
--They found 25,750 for weekday night games
--All parking west of the 110 Freeway went totally unmentioned until area Councilmember Ed Reyes brought it up
--Stadium's parking strategy would involve sending drivers "to different parking zones depending on where they are traveling from," according to CNS
--Mobility studying traffic at 180 intersections and 45 freeway ramps, reports the LA Times
--AEG will pay for improvements to Pico Blvd. Expo/Blue Line station

Once the transportation plan is finalized, it'll go into the Farmers Field project's larger environmental impact report, which is expected to come out in January.
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