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Shrunken La Brea Gateway Apartments Still Too Big for Some

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There's a lot of momentum lately to transform La Brea Avenue in and around West Hollywood into less of a drive-through area and more of a destination--examples include the Faith Plating apartments and the Jons-replacing apartments. The latest news concerns the La Brea Gateway project, which was originally going to knock down the former KCOP studios at Willoughby and add in a seven story mixed-use apartment building with 291 units. Lawsuits were filed, a Bristol Farms was bandied about, puppets got involved, people were promised groceries to oppose the project, and then, early this year, the project was shrunk to half its size. Well, it's still not small enough for some, reports the LandUseLA blog.

The revised project--with 179 units, more than 33,000 square feet of retail, and nearly 600 underground parking spaces--received approval just last month. But a neighborhood group calling itself "Community with a Conscience" filed an appeal on September 1, saying the Central Planning Commission "abused its discretion" by approving a project that doesn't mitigate parking, traffic, and circulation impacts. The Central Planning Commission will hear the appeal today, and apparently whatever decision is made can't be appealed to the City Council, per municipal code.
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