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Malibu Rehab's Big PCH Sign, Target Liquors Up in Westwood

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MALIBU: A Malibuite is peeved by this sign put up by fancy Malibu rehab center Passages "in full view of Pacific Coast Highway." He writes: "This shameless embarrassment to our City is over 600 square feet in size. If this signage is allowed to remain, there will be no end to non-native floral graffiti popping up throughout our City." (He also drew us the helpful map.) [Curbed Inbox]

WESTWOOD: Will Westwood get a Target before Hollywood does? A tipster lets us know that the store has applied for a takeaway liquor license for a former Home Depot site on Weyburn Ave. Let us know if you've heard any other rumblings. [Curbed Inbox]