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What's at the Bottom of Echo Park Lake? No Bodies Found Yet

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You can thank a reckless driver for this shot of sunken booty (an eighties-era-looking skateboard) at the bottom of the recently-drained Echo Park Lake. The Eastsider LA reports that after a van knocked over part of the fence around the Lake, Echo Park resident Darrell Kunitomi ran in and snapped a series of interesting shots. He didn't find Jimmy Hoffa's skeleton or any other bodies at the bottom of the lovely lake--what he did find sounds mostly innocuous: "Lots of bottles, various items including nets, skateboard, pipes and tree trunks. One Christmas tree." There are also a lot of 50-gallon drums at the bottom, probably sunk the last time the lake was scrubbed in 1984 to make habitats for fish. And the smell? Kunitomi describes it as "maximum organic." Love it.
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Echo Park Lake

751 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA