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Paramount Wooing the Neighbors, Malibu Losing a Skate Park and Getting a Whole Foods

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Got a tip? We love them, so if there's something wacky, mysterious, or objectionable happening in your neighborhood, please do let us know. Tipsters are always kept completely anonymous.

HOLLYWOOD: A tipster who lives in the neighborhood around Paramount Pictures sends in these photos of a postcard and brochure for the studio's Hollywood Project, the just-announced plan to majorly expand and reconfigure the campus. He writes "I got these glossy materials in the mail from paramount pictures. Sounds like they decided outreach was key." Hey, that movie studio could teach some developers a thing or two. [Curbed Inbox]

MALIBU: Malibu's 12 year old Papa Jack's skate park is shutting down on October 31 to make way for a Whole Foods. According to a press release from the city, "The most recent property owner has chosen to pursue other endeavors and has requested that the skate park relocate," but Patch dishes the Whole Foods dirt--the skate park has to vacate before the store can start its environmental review. Malibu's working on finding a new space for skating, but meanwhile they're holding a big farewell bash this weekend. [Curbed Inbox]