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TJ's Has No Plans For Downtown, But Whole Foods Does

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Downtowners have been pining for a Trader Joe's for years, because what's the point of even having a neighborhood without easy two-buck Chuck access? The recently-released Downtown Los Angeles Demographic Study specifically asked respondents if they'd shop at a Downtown Trader Joe's--92% of residents said they were "extremely or very likely" to. So Blogger Brigham Yen called TJ's and asked point-blank if they had any plans for Downtown: "I was told specifically that it wasn’t in their company’s 3-year expansion plan. No explanation given." Sorry, Downtowners. Here, drown your sorrows in a pint of Ralphs brand mint chip. Or maybe some soy gelato? Yen also called up Whole Foods and Fresh & Easy, "and they are both currently looking for space downtown."

While the Downtown survey showed that Downtowners would shop at Trader Joe's, it also showed that they already shop at Trader Joe's. The survey asked residents where they currently buy groceries (they could make multiple selections), and 73.8% said Trader Joe's (it came in second only to Ralphs, which already has a store in the neighborhood). Only 44.5% said they already shop at Whole Foods and 16.2% said they already shop at Fresh & Easy. So maybe Trader Joe's isn't opening in Downtown because it doesn't have to?
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