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Apartment Options For People Who Like Old Hollywood Silents, But Hate Charlie Chaplin

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When it comes to old-timey film stars referenced in apartment rental ads, the Little Tramp is still the champ. But there are a few other silent era idols whose names seem to pop up fairly regularly, and in today's trawl of Craigslist, we spotted two. First up: Rudolph Valentino. While the ad for a Spanish-style two-bedroom townhouse in West Hollywood doesn't actually claim the Italian-born star of The Sheik ever lived here--which is wise, since he died the year before it was built--it does refer to the unit as "The Valentino Townhouse." Per the ad, the 1,500 square foot apartment features hardwood floors, a wrought iron staircase, ten-foot beamed ceilings, a fireplace, walk-in closets, original built-ins, and a private patio. Monthly rent for the pet-friendly unit, which comes with two dedicated, covered parking spots, is $3,000.

Wilshire Boulevard's Talmadge Apartments were built in 1924 by movie mogul Joseph Schenk as an anniversary present for his wife, Norma Talmadge, who is believed to have been the inspiration for Sunset Boulevard's washed-up silent movie star Norma Desmond and Singin' In The Rain's Lina Lamont. Designed by Aleck Curlett and Claud Beelman, architects behind the Park Plaza Hotel and the Eastern Columbia, the Georgian Revival style building was itself a featured player in some recent pictures, including Bound and--our personal favorite--Lifetime Channel's classic The Craigslist Killer. Currently, there's a four bedroom, two and a half bath apartment up for grabs. The 2,800 square foot pet-friendly unit features a living room, dining room, walk-in closets, hardwood floors and a fireplace, but horror of horrors, a parking spot is not included. Monthly rent is $3,400.
· $3000 / 2br - 1500ft² - Old Hollywood Spanish Townhouse [Craigslist]
· $3400 / 2800ft² - THE TALMADGE [Craigslist]