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Why Did Shepard Fairey Sticker Bomb the LA Planning Dept.?

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The Code Studies section of the LA Planning Department has posted a cryptic photo on its Facebook page of a package sent by infamous street artist Shepard Fairey. No explanatory note was included, but the package was delivered to a specific employee of the Planning Department--someone working on the city's Mural Ordinance, which would relax some of the restrictions on murals--not to mention interestingly timed with a Which Way LA? episode addressing the Mural Ordinance debate. As far as sticker bombs go, this is a fairly innocuous display (they're not even stuck to anything), but we wonder: is Fairey expressing his solidarity with Saber's skywriting protest earlier this week? Or is he upset because West Hollywood has been giving him all his commissions lately?
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Los Angeles City Hall

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