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Camping Out for Chik-fil-A, Gastrobus Parks It in Los Feliz, Wurstkuche Goes West, Houston's Out of Century City

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HOLLYWOOD: Chickenheads slept in tents to be first in line, and possibly win chicken for a year, at Chik-fil-A's new outpost in Hollywood (they also opened not too long ago near USC). The tasty chicken stand replaced a dusty Carl's Jr. Jr. at Sunset and Highland, which is nice, though Chik-fil-A's alleged connections to wingnuts is less so, but we digress.

LOS FELIZ: Hillhurst gets a new restaurant with opening of Gastronomico, which soft-opened this week. The restaurant is a brick-and-mortar version of the Gastrobus food truck, serving up hearty American fare. Get ready for dishes like eight-hour braised pulled pork sandwiches and corn flapjacks.

VENICE: A piece of Downtown moves West, with the opening of Wurstkuche on Lincoln Blvd. Lines surrounded the place for last night's opening of the sausage hangout spot--and Eater seems quite impressed with the whole endeavor.

CENTURY CITY: CC stalwart Houston's is shutting down on October 7--the news leaked via a Google ad, strangely enough. Business wasn't lacking, it all comes down to a lease dispute between Houston's owner, Hillstone Restaurant Group, and Westfield, the mall operator. Wonder what will go in.
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