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Golden Triangle Gossip at Greystone, 15' Wide and Spacious

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BEVERLY HILLS: Unreal Estate, Michael Gross's sure-to-be-juicy book on the famous estates (and estate-holders) of the Golden Triangle, comes out November 1, and he's celebrating on November 9 with a party at one of the most famous estates of all, Greystone Mansion. (It'll be covered in the book, but here's the short version: Greystone was designed by Gordon Kaufman and given as a gift from oil baron Edward Doheny to his son Ned, who was later found dead in a bedroom there in an apparent murder-suicide.) The party is co-hosted by UE's publisher and Luxe magazine, which will be making over the whole mansion soon after for its designer showhouse (more on that later). The Greystone party is invite-only, but Gross will also be talking November 10 at Book Soup. [Curbed Inbox]

ECHO PARK: A tipster visited Eel's Nest, that skinny little black house in Echo Park and reports "It does feel really spacious inside and it doesn't really block the neighbor's view?The kitchen isn't that small and the bedroom is much brighter than it seems from the photos. It's a sweet little pad." But don't get too excited--word is that architect/owner Simon Storey might pull it off the market because he likes it so much. As of now, it's still listed at $559,000. [Curbed Inbox]

Eel's Nest

1416 Fairbanks Pl., Los Angeles, CA