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Twilight Prom House Designed By El Capitan Architect

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Indubitably, you, like us, immediately recognized this stately manor as the site of Bella's high school prom in the first Twilight movie. Ha ha, only kidding--we actually just learned that tidbit from the filming locations blog I Am Not A Stalker. Among the other pertinent facts we can share about this 1915 Tudor Revival in Pasadena's Arroyo district is that it was designed by Stiles O. Clements, architect of the El Capitan and Mayan theaters, as well as Beverly Hills High School's swim-gym, memorably featured in It's A Wonderful Life. Located on a 3.5-acre lot, the property features seven bedrooms, ten baths, five fireplaces, oak floors, redwood wall paneling, leaded glass windows, pool, fish pond, tennis pavillion, and extensive gardens. Previously listed for $7.8 million, it's now asking $6.2 million.
· 1200 S ARROYO Blvd [Redfin]