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Fifteen Resurrects 18-House Morton Village in Echo Park

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Just last week we heard that Miami-based Fifteen Group had bought up the Coffee Table site in Silver Lake and was planning on resurrecting an old mixed-use plan that had gotten approvals from the city years ago. Now they're at it again over in Echo Park. Fifteen has just picked up a nearly one-acre site called Morton Village, on Morton Ave. near Echo Park Ave., and plans to go ahead with already-approved plans to develop the property, according to a statement today from Fifteen principal Justin Barth. Plans call for an 18 unit development built under the city's Small Lot Subdivision ordinance, which allows for multiple detached houses on single lots. Four existing bungalows will be rehabbed and 14 new houses will be built. The statement says that construction on Morton Village should start in spring 2012. Meanwhile, start placing your bets on which arrested development in North Central Fifteen's going to snap up next.

· Silver Lake Coffee Table's New Owner Has Mixed-Use Plans [Curbed LA]

Morton Village

1641 Morton Ave., Los Angeles, CA