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Check Out the Mindblowing Art Collection of Richard Dorso at Home in the Empire West Before It's Auctioned Off

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First 8 photos taken in Dorso's apartment; last two are the John exhibition at LAMA

Links updated 10:33 am: Here's yet another gift-wrapped present from Pacific Standard Time, the mega-survey of the mid-century Los Angeles art scene that officially starts next month: Collecting in Los Angeles: 1945-1980 shows off the unbelievable art collection of producer Richard Dorso, staged inside a space designed by You Have Been Here Sometime blogger David John. And at the end of its run, it's all up for auction, no reserve. During his life, Dorso collected more than 400 pieces of art, including two John Baldessari works that were bought at Baldessari's first solo show in 1968. No surprise that nearly every inch of his West Hollywood apartment was covered in art. Up above, you'll see photos by Grant Mudford of the collection in its original home, the Empire West on Alta Loma Rd.--Dorso moved in in the mid-sixties and lived there until he died this year at 102.

Starting this week, the collection is on display in the John-designed space at Los Angeles Modern Auctions's showroom in Van Nuys. On October 9, the band will break up and the whole collection will be auctioned off. The catalog is here, and it's packed with art of course, but also an interview with Dorso and an intro by Dorso's friend Norman Lear.

Dorso was a William Morris agent in the thirties and later a television producer, and Lear says he was "Friend to every Lew Wasserman, Jim Aubrey and Billy Wilder in town, sartorial tutor to Cary Grant and every Cary Grant wanna-be."
· The Collection of Richard Dorso [LAMA]