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Historic 1929 Spanish Across From the Silver Lake Reservoir Has an Unusual Toilet

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Known as the John R. Hunt House, this 1920s Spanish Colonial on the western side of the Silver Lake Reservoir was declared a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 2001. Exactly why the residence was awarded this designation is unclear; our research efforts turned up no specifics apart from name, date, and serial number (#704, in case you're wondering). But judging by the photos, the five-bedroom, four-bath home appears well-preserved and reasonably unaltered. Distinctive features include a wrought iron staircase, stained-glass windows, pre-cast flooring and walls, French windows, hand-tooled doors, and some lovely vintage tile work. Oh yeah, and it's also got a toilet the likes of which we've never seen before, made to resemble a tulip. Per Redfin, the 4,210 square foot property was last sold in a foreclosure auction on July 1, where it got scooped up for $1.03 million. Its new owners now hope to flip it for $1.599 million.
· 2055 W SILVER LAKE Dr [Redfin]