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Hollywood Gets Early Xmas Present: Bike Lanes

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Hollywood has wax museums, a Walk of Fame, a subway, and lots of weirdos--but no bike lanes, at least until recently. The LA Eco-Village blog reports that a north-south stretch of Hollywood, on Cahuenga from the Hills to Yucca, has been outfitted with a bike lane: "The Cahuenga Boulevard bike lanes run north-south a few blocks east of the Hollywood Bowl. The new lanes extend six-tenths of a mile on Cahuenga Boulevard from Odin Street (just south of the John Anson Ford Theater and the historic Pilgrimage Bridge) to Yucca Street (a block north of Hollywood Boulevard.)" Hopefully, LADOT will manage to stretch the bike lane a little further south to the Hollywood/Vine Red Line stop. [LA Eco-Village blog]