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AEG Wants to Trade Carbon Neutral NFL Stadium For Short Lawsuits

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The LA Times has some details of the state bill that was "being frantically drafted Thursday evening" to give developer AEG's Downtown NFL stadium project some cover from environmentally-based lawsuits: "According to several sources, the measure by Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) would allow legal challenges to the stadium's environmental impact report to be heard immediately in the state court of appeals, which would have between 150 and 175 days to rule. That would avoid protracted litigation. In exchange, AEG would pledge to build a carbon-neutral stadium with more public transit users than any other stadium in the country." The problem is that the project doesn't have the support outside of LA that it's gotten here at home. Environmentally-minded Northern California lawmakers already regret voting for a similar 2009 bill that gave an environmental waiver to developer Majestic's proposed Industry stadium--they were told it would produce jobs, but two years later there's been zero movement on the project. On the other side of the state, San Diego lawmakers are worried that an LA NFL stadium could lure away their Chargers. The legislative session ends September 9.
· L.A. lawmakers try to sell NFL stadium plan to colleagues [LAT]

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