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"Cars" Singer Gary Numan Moving to SaMo Where Everyone is Polite

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Gary Numan, the new wave legend who brought the world the unofficial anthem of the LA experience, "Cars," is planning a move to Santa Monica from his native Britain. For someone who understands the symbolic significance of the single occupant vehicle, you would have thought he was living here all along. The UK's Daily Record reports that, after witnessing the London riots earlier this month, Numan applied for a Green Card and hopes to move his wife and three children to Santa Monica.

If he's cleared to come, synth fans should expect him to be penning anthems to the Pacific in no time--Numan is a fan of the beach lifestyle: "America clearly has its own problems, but Santa Monica is great. It has beautiful beaches and the Pacific ocean. There is not one bit of trouble and not one surly or aggressive person there. Everyone is friendly. You ask the teenagers there for directions and they are polite and helpful." We appreciate Numan's surprisingly and perhaps overly sunny outlook on Santa Monica, but he'll find plenty of surliness if he tries to get a table to enjoy a pint at Father's Office.
· Pop legend Gary Numan applies for US move to safeguard family from England's 'yob culture' [Daily Record]