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Silver Lakers Report Crackdown on Driveway Apron Parking

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And what is driveway apron parking, you ask? It's when you park a car in a driveway or alley and the vehicle partially blocks the sidewalk. Parking officials in Westwood recently began writing $58 tickets after the city was sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Eastsider LA reports that Silver Lakers are now finding themselves on the receiving end of tickets when, previously, citations were only issued if sidewalks were totally blocked or if someone complained. Since it's arbitrary as to what neighborhoods are currently policed for their driveway apron parking, the City Council recently looked at "ways to either propose state legislation to correct apron parking problems or establish programs that allow apron parking but don't violate ADA laws." The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is not pleased with the ticketing, criticizing the city for reducing parking requirements while Metro cuts back bus service. But Eastsider commenters point out that the cars pictured on the blog are parked in front of garages (maybe use them?), while others say parking in Silver Lake is already untenable. Another good issue brought up: what if you live on a side of a street without a sidewalk? Image of Westwood apron ticketing via
· Silver Lake Drivers Find That Part of Their Driveways Are No-Parking Zones [Eastsider LA]