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Music/Flea/Food at the Cornfields, Undies on the Third Street Promenade, Fugging Out at the Bev Center

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CHINATOWN: The Gourmet Music Carnival, which mixes food trucks with flea market shopping with live music, debuted at the State Historic Park last weekend. While its first go was just ok, Racked things it has potential.

SANTA MONICA: That mob of mostly-naked people at the Third Street Promenade this week was Desigual's Undie Party. The Euro retailer was giving out free clothes to people who showed up in their delicates.

BEVERLYGROVE: Karl Lagerfeld X Macy's debuted at the Beverly Center on Tuesday with an event hosted by the Fug Girls of making-fun-of-celebrity-fashion site Go Fug Yourself. While the collection's a bit "oddball," Racked couldn't get those diplomatic Fug Girls to crack one single joke about it.
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