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SCI-Arc and Caltech's Solar Frankenstein Lives, LA's Founding Myth

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We're off Sunday and Monday for the holiday. See you back here tomorrow and Tuesday!

ARTS DISTRICT: On Tuesday, the SCI-Arc/Caltech team's net-negative energy house, built for the Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon, will roll out of of the Arts District and head to DC for the competition. CHIP, the Compact House Infinite Possibilities, has a heater, dishwasher, washer/dryer, and a TV that turns on when someone sits on the couch (and off when that person gets up), along with 42 solar panels donated by a Chinese company that wants to get into the SoCal market, reports the Downtown News. The 733 square foot house will be displayed with the 19 other entrants on the National Mall from September 23 to October 2 where they'll be tested with dinner parties and movie nights. [Downtown News]

EL PUEBLO: Los Angeles turns 230 on Sunday. Happy birthday, old gal! The mayor and City Council members will lead a procession this weekend from Union Station to Olvera Street, a symbolic reenactment of the trek from the Mission San Gabriel Arcángel to Los Angeles Plaza supposedly made by the founding pobladores. But, as Nathan Masters explains at KCET, that trip is all a myth and "September 4 was likely an arbitrary date that [Governor Felipe de Neve used in his report to his superiors]." How LA is that. Masters traces the actual history of the colonization and eventual founding of what we now know as Los Angeles (or, if you're Ted Casablanca, "Hell-ay"). [KCET]


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