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Blame the Pink Elephant: Runyon Canyon Road Gets Gated

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On Friday, the City Council signed off on the plan to temporarily gate Solar Drive at Astral Drive in Runyon Canyon--the LA Times says that "Hikers will now have to park outside the gate, enter Solar Drive through a small pedestrian opening, and walk along the street to the entrance to Runyon Canyon Park." The neighborhood, which only has about 12 houses, asked the city for a gate last month, saying "the residential neighborhoods are facing security issues such as loitering, littering, drinking and smoking in a Very High Fire Severity Zone." The LAT says all that debauchery was a direct result of the infamous pink mansion that sits at the end of Solar Drive--it was started in the early nineties, never finished, and eventually became a favorite illicit party place (such a favorite that it even made it into Law & Order: Los Angeles). The neighborhood is only supposed to be gated for 18 months, but don't miss this detail: Solar's plan to pay for the gates and give keys to the city is the same as on "a few other streets in the Hollywood Hills that were gated decades ago for similar reasons."
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Runyon Canyon

2001 N. Fuller Ave., Los Angeles, CA