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Eighteenth Century Ortega-Vigare Adobe in San Gabriel

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California State Landmark #451, the Ortega-Vigare Adobe, dates all the way back to the 1790s. Located near Mission San Gabriel, it originally served as home for a soldier of the mission guard and his family, then later, in the 1860s, it became San Gabriel's first bakery. Per the listing, the nearly one-acre property is surrounded by an 18-inch thick adobe wall and features a three bedroom main house plus one bedroom guest house, four Spanish-style fireplaces, ceramic tile floors, stained glass windows, wood beamed ceilings, a cobblestone courtyard with an eighteenth century fountain, central heat and air, and swimming pool and spa. It's also licensed for "conditional commercial use." On and off the market regularly since 2002, its current asking price is $1.78 million.
· 616 S RAMONA St [Redfin]
· Ortega-Vigare Adobe [Official site]