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"Ice Cube Celebrates Ray & Charles Eames" Really Happening

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This ad for mega-exhibition Pacific Standard Time has been floating around for a few days and the bad news is it's not an actual campaign image. The good news is that Ice Cube's celebration of Ray and Charles Eames is totally real. A rep for PST tells us this ad is "an unapproved rough concept" that was leaked, but she adds that "The ads for the campaign featuring Ice Cube and Eames will be released in the coming weeks." The marketing for Pacific Standard Time--the region-wide, months-long look at Los Angeles art and architecture between 1945 and 1980--includes match-ups between younger SoCal artists and PST artists. We already saw Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis driving around with Ed Ruscha; up next, actor/rocker Jason Schwartzman meets artist John Baldessari.

But we're most curious about South LA native and rapper/actor Ice Cube discussing iconic modern designers Ray and Charles Eames (you might know the couple from their chairs, their houses, and their coathangers). A press releases says Cube will "celebrate how their architecture and design have been important inspiration throughout [his] prolific career." (Unfortunately, both of the Eameses passed away decades ago, so we won't get to see them all talk.) While we wait impatiently for that, you can click over to ArtInfo for more on that bird that Ice Cube is sporting.
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