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Heath Ledger/Ellen DeGeneres House Back in Laurel Canyon

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The current owner of this house in Laurel Canyon bought it from Heath Ledger's estate in 2008, but doesn't seem to have ever really taken it to it. After laying out $2.5 million in May of that year, according to an old post on Big Time Listings, the owner partially remodeled and put it back on the market in November 2009, asking $3.695 million. It was pulled from the market in June 2010 and has just been relisted again. (The more cynical among us might guess that this is a failed flip with an extra-depressing celebrity death angle.) For it's return, it's been restaged and has a coy note about its "succession of famous owners"--Ledger bought the house from Ellen DeGeneres in 2005. The house sits in a mature sycamore grove and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, polished concrete floors, and a glass shower. Asking price now is $2.995 million.
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