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Windsor Square-Adjacent Craftsman as Charming as the Photos

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit 206 N. Wilton Pl., a house just off of Beverly Blvd.

Price: $899,000
Interior Decoration: The current owner is a decorator and it shows-- you'd think the house was staged.
Best feature: Molding up by the ceiling in the dining and living rooms. It's beautiful, big, and the dark wood is stunning. The light hardwood floors are also gorgeous.
Who could live here: A young couple looking for an escape from condo life. Perhaps someone who's a little handy and can keep the 1913 house up.
What about noise?: Single pane windows block out all the noise. Open the door and you can hear the Wilton traffic roaring past. Close the door and you can hear a pin drop.
· 206 North WILTON Pl [Redfin]