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McCourts Sold Their Back Up Holmby Hills House For $6.525 Million

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Somehow we missed this--divorcing Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt have sold off one of their two neighboring Holmby Hills houses. Back in 2004, the McCourts were the new hotshot out-of-towners who had just picked up the Dodgers and a $20 million house on Charing Cross Rd. (they'd eventually spend $14 million renovating that house, including adding a kitchen that had been extracted and shipped from their Massachusetts house). That same year they bought the 8,385 square foot house next door for $6.5 million and planned on turning it into a guesthouse (they ended up divorcing first).

Today the McCourts are a feuding couple, with a bankrupt team, playing out their messy divorce in public--much of the dispute was over a post-nuptial agreement that gave Jamie the real estate and gave Frank the Dodgers. It was ruled invalid in December. According to Blockshopper, the McCourts sold the back up Charing Cross house in August for $6.525 million. The AP reported yesterday that at least some of that money has gone into an escrow account that will be used to cover the McCourts' many other mortgages (six houses and a condo at this point).

But, the AP says, "Lawyers on both sides said outside of court that more of the McCourt homes would likely be sold." Jamie was living in the John Lautner-designed Segel House in Malibu after the pair separated, but we've been getting hints that it might go up for sale too (get out your checkbook, Michael LaFetra), along with the house the McCourts own next door.
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