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Landfill to Become a Playfield in Sun Valley

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A desolate 46-acre pit known as the Strathern Inert Landfill will transform into the Strathern Wetlands Park as part of a process underway in Sun Valley. Zev Yaroslavsky's Blog reports that until 2009, the site functioned as a landfill for construction debris, but by 2013, it will be a park offering picnic spots, walking trails, basketball and tennis courts, an exercise station, wildlife habitat, and landscaped ponds. It gets better--the wetlands will divert and treat stormwater runoff, which would normally flood into the LA River, collecting in Long Beach and spreading throughout the Santa Monica Bay.

This isn't the first time a landfill has been transformed into recreational space in Sun Valley--another reclamation project took place over ten years ago, directly across the street at the former site of the Penrose Landfill--it's now home to the Chip Wells Driving Range. According to an LA Times article from 2000, that entire area of Sun Valley is zoned for outdoor recreation use. The Strathern site is also directly directly across the street from Sun Valley Park.
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