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WeHo's Long-Stalled Sunset Millennium Jumpstarted by CIM

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You don't see this every day (or year): fresh info about the Sunset Millennium project at Sunset and La Cienega in West Hollywood. The project has been in the works since the late nineties; phase one, which you know as the H&M and now-former Ketchup site was finished years ago. Work on two other parcels--with hotel(s) and public parking east of La Cienega and condos west of La Cienega--was supposed to start around 2008. By then, of course, developer Sunset Millennium Associates was having trouble getting financing. Brian Lewis, a rep for the project, tells us that SMA is now in the process of selling Sunset Millennium to megadevelopers CIM Group (who also recently picked up a stalled tower in Hollywood), with escrow set to close soon. Meanwhile, West Hollywood has signed off on a (delayed) timeline and parking reduction for the project.

SMA's agreement with the city says that CIM intends to develop the project, and that plans must be submitted for design review by October 31, 2011. The developer will have to file for a demolition permit within 30 days of the design review hearing; they'll have to apply for building permits for the foundation by June 30, 2012; and they'll have to apply for permits for the rest of the building by December 31, 2012.

Lewis tells us that exact plans for the two parcels are up in the air at this point, but one is entitled for two hotels and the other is entitled for two condo buildings. When they were originally approved, the agreement was that SMA would put in 435 public parking spaces under the hotel on top of what would be required by the zoning--they've now signed off on a reduction and the plan is for at least 50 parking spaces on top of the required number. The agreement between the city and SMA says that a recent city survey found that the privately-owned public parking in the area is actually underused, so all those extra spots aren't really necessary. In exchange for the parking reduction, the developer will pay an extra one percent on top of the regular transit occupancy tax for the hotels. Pictured: an old rendering.
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