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Widespread Missoni for Target Madness, Secret Loehmann's Back Room, WeHo Considering Banning Fur

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ALL OVER: In case you didn't read about it in the New York Times, the Missoni for Target collection launched this week and it was bananas. Here's what the line looked like outside of the Target on La Cienega very early on the morning of the launch. And here's the picked-over scene at the Target in Culver City 15 minutes after the launch. And here's what a WeHo Target employee called Missoni shoppers: "a bunch of wild animals."

BEVERLY GROVE: The Beverly Center Loehmann's has a big secret backroom with all kinds of fancy stuff, including an Hermes Birkin bag. A tipster dropped a dime for Racked.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Racked got its hands on a proposed ordinance that would ban fur in West Hollywood, which they say will be introduced in the city council meeting on Monday. Any garment "composed in whole or in part from the pelt or skin or any animal with its hair, wool or fur, including, but not limited to a fox, mink, rabbit, bear, seal or chinchilla" would be banned under the rule.
· Racked LA [Official Site]