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Park[ing] Day Hangover: Psychics at Silver Lake Circuit City, Testing Out Permanent Parklets Downtown

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

ALL OVER: Today was Park[ing] Day--did you find astroturf and overexcited dogs in your regular space this morning? The Echo Park Time Bank camped out in front of the empty old Circuit City in Silver Lake, where psychics detected a strong aura of Whole Foods desperation. Design boosters Design East of La Brea hosted a Standard Architecture-designed take on the Hollywood Sign down the road. And on Spring Street, the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council was testing out their parklet program--it was announced yesterday that the city is backing DLANC's proposal to sprinkle permanent parking space parks around the neighborhood. [Curbed Staff]

Silver Lake Circuit City

4400 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA