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Filming at El Royale Angers Already-Angry Celeb Renters

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We're either pawns in a complex viral marketing scheme, or things are escalating at the fancy old El Royale apartment building. We heard gossip last week that some celebrity tenants were peeved that the management had asked to use their names and other information in a lobby display (and possibly for other purposes). The deadline for celeb sign-off on that plan is tomorrow--what's been going on as the cutoff approaches? A new network television show was shooting at the building all day yesterday, according to film permits, and tenants are once again displeased, says our tipster (the same person who sent us the letter; she doesn't live in the building, but claims to have a lot of inside sources). She writes that the show will be shooting there "on a regular basis" and that "The tenants are furious that the building is being overrun by production crews, compromising security, parking and causing a great deal of noise and inconvenience." Apparently lawyers are being called in. (The show is called Scandal, by the way, and is all about a PR person who presumably deals with scandals.)

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El Royale

450 N. Rossmore Ave., Los Angeles, CA