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Bird in a Fake Tree in Bell, Talking LA Design With the AIA/LA

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BELL: A perhaps near-sighted bird has been fooled by this camouflaged cell site down in Bell and has taken up residence in the fake tree. (AT&T's PR people, by the way, know we're suckers for both wildlife and Photoshopped red arrows. Well-played, PR people.) [Curbed Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: The AIA/LA is psyching everyone up for its October Design Awards with a jury roundtable tomorrow night at the Pacific Design Center. The jurists will talk about the state of LA design at 7 pm, and a Design Awards Exhibit opens at 8. All the details are here. [Curbed Inbox]

THE INTERNET: Park[ing] Dayers, let us know where you'll be setting up your parks tomorrow or send us photos so we can share your greenspaces with the world. And everyone: don't forget to vote in our Weekend Warriors Poll. This Sunday the Warrior will be visiting one house off Beverly Blvd. between Beverly Grove and Hancock Park. Right now the Wilton Pl. house is killing it, so you better go vote if you want us west of Highland.