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Echo Park Lake Starting to Look a Little Dry

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If the Echo Park Lake cleanup is going to turn up a dead bodies, it's going to be soon--draining has been going on for a couple weeks now, but the Echo Park Lake webcam shows that it's just beginning to get that parched look. The project's Odor Monitoring Committee met for the first time last week (the draining is expected to kick up hydrogen sulfide) and heard that the project is on schedule, with draining expected to be finished in a week or two, according to Echo Park Now. The paths have been unpaved and there's been some demolition at the Lake. Dozens of turtles and hundreds of fish have been relocated, and there was a bit of a dead fish smell at one point, but no reports of actual dead fish. As the draining continues, just remember: if you smell something, say something.
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Echo Park Lake

751 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA