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Long-Neglected Stretch of Redondo's King Harbor Getting Swank Hotel

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The Daily Breeze reports that the northern part of Redondo Beach's King Harbor is going to see its first big development in 20 years--yesterday the harbor commission gave final approvals to the swanky 45-room Shade Hotel. The hotel will occupy 1.4 acres of city-owned land along Harbor Drive, the former home of several restaurants (and former filming location for The OC). The plans for the hotel have been in the works since the City Council and Shade owner Michael Zislis signed a lease agreement for the property in 2009. The project was unable to move forward, however, until voters passed the harbor zoning initiative Measure G in November of 2010.

According to the DB, local bicycle advocates, including Friends of the South Bay Bicycle Path, opposed the project, saying that the hotel would "disrupt the harbor's master plan" and needed to include bigger and better bikeways. As approved, the project will include a 16 foot wide promenade along the waterfront for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Demolition of the existing building will begin on November 18 and the hotel is expected to be open by mid-2014. As for the hotel itself, Venice-based Michael Hricak Architects designed the three-story "California vintage modern" building. Each room will have retractable glass doors opening to a 12 by 12 foot balconies. Solar panels will be mounted to the roof, and skylights will provide light during the day. There'll be a rooftop deck and pool area.
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