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What's a Steinkamp House? Here Are Two

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A little while ago a reader asked about "Steinkamp homes": "I did some research and don't think there really is a Steinkamp. I've asked my friends at LAPL and the UCLA library, but the closest they found was a developer in Chicago." Here comes the Office of Historic Resources's SurveyLA project to the research rescue, explaining in a blog post that a lot of the purported Steinkamps were probably built by developer-builders Elwain Steinkamp and William T. Richardson, who "seem to have had a healthy business building middle class homes throughout Los Angeles County from the 1930s to 1950s." The houses are "in many ways some of the perfect houses for Southern California living. Their design references the Spanish-Mexican heritage of the region. The house is L-shaped, with an outdoor living space enclosed by the L?Large, leaded glass front windows had decorative stained glass with colored shield motifs in the center. No two were the same. Many houses do not retain this feature."

SurveyLA has found clusters of Steinkamps in Hyde Park, Leimert Park, Palms, and Beverlywood. And we dug up this 1942 house claiming to be a Steinkamp in Crestview. The three bedroom, two bathroom has a sunroom, breakfast nook, fireplace, and some sweet tile. Asking price is $819,000.

Here's one other Steinkamp, a two bedroom in Jefferson Park that appears to have its original stained glass shield. Asking price is $325,000.
· 1900 South BEDFORD St [Redfin]
· 2914 10TH Ave [Redfin]
· The Perfect LA House [SurveyLA]