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Hollywood Hills Pad That Dennis Hopper Named a Book After

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Update 9/14: We're all pretty well-acquainted with the sprawling post-modern compound where Dennis Hopper spent his later years. Now let's meet the old school Hollywood Hills home where the actor/artist lived during his lean, pre-Easy Rider days. Per a 2001 feature in Vanity Fair, Hopper and his then-wife, Haywire author Brooke Hayward, bought this three-bedroom in Laurel Canyon after losing their previous residence to the disastrous wildfire (link to video) that swept through Bel Air and Brentwood in 1961. The 1927 Spanish served as home to the couple and their children until their 1969 split, and its address, 1712 North Crescent Heights, served as title for the book of photos Hopper shot while living there. Per the listing, the 2,874 square foot house features Malibu tiles, original period sconces, hardwood floors, French doors, two fireplaces, a swimming pool, terraced gardens, and detached two-car garage. Last sold in 2001 for $2.495 million, it's now asking $3.495 million. Update: According to, this is now Craig Kilborn's house. That's unexpected!
· 1712 N. CRESCENT HEIGHTS Blvd [Redfin]
· Once Upon a Time in L.A. [Vanity Fair]

Dennis Hopper Compound

330 Indiana Ave., Los Angeles, CA