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Coyote Family Can Keep Living in Abandoned Glendale Home For Now

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A sad story may have gotten a happy ending, though it depends on how optimistic you are: a pack of about six coyotes who took up residence inside a fire-gutted and abandoned house in North Glendale won't be killed by city officials. The plan was to trap the animals (with the use of scary cable that snaps around the coyotes' necks), euthanize them, and then tear down the derelict house. KPCC reports that, after a local outcry and some media attention, the house will still be torn down, but the animals will be allowed to escape into the wilds of Glendale. There were worries that the animals would die a slow, painful death if they were allowed to live in the wild, since they've grown accustomed to trash cans and fruit trees, according to the Glendale News Press--hopefully that won't be the case. Regardless, keep an eye on your dogs, Glendalians; the house is coming down within the week.
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