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Park(ing) Day LA is Friday, 1941 Gas Station Going For Landmarking

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LOS ANGELES: Grab a handful of quarters and a potted plant--Park(ing) Day LA is back on Friday. Across the city, people will be taking parking spots and turning them into mini-parks. Here's a map of planned parks, but let us know about yours and we'll do our best to stop by and check it out. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: Tomorrow the City Council is scheduled to discuss landmark status for a currently-vacant, Streamline Moderne-style Texaco station on Beverly Blvd. at Hobart. If it's approved, it'll be the fourth pre-World War II gas station in LA to become a historic-cultural monument. According to the HCM application, Whittier's Texaco Station was built in 1941 by former roughneck Charles Whittier. It includes two structures--a canopied station office and a "lubrication building"--both with flat roofs and three stripes around their tops, and "Two free-standing fluorescent lighting fixtures, original to the station?located at the corners of the lot." [Curbed Inbox]