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One of Downtown's Jesus Saves Signs Taken Away in Dead of Night

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Blogdowntown is reporting that one of Broadway's neon Jesus Saves signs had been taken down and was getting packed onto a truck at 9:30 pm on Saturday night, which is kind of a weird time to be doing work like that. The first of the Jesus Saves signs originally went up on the Bible Institute of Los Angeles at Sixth and Hope in 1935, but they were both moved to the old United Artists Theatre on Broadway in 1989, when the building was taken over by the University Cathedral. The blog says that on Saturday "a crew from Chief Sign Company was busy strapping one of the two signs onto a truck for transport as glass tubes lay shattered around the Hill Street parking lot. Those working would not give any information about where the historic neon might be headed." The UA building went up for sale in 2009 asking $15 million, but it still hasn't sold--although maybe this is a sign it's close?
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United Artists Theatre

933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA