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Anthony Kiedis and Ed Ruscha Drive the Sunset Strip, The Agency's High-Rise Division

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LOS ANGELES: Pacific Standard Time is the super-ambitious, Getty-organized, SoCal-wide look at the birth of the Los Angeles art scene, specifically in the time from 1945 to 1980. More than 60 cultural institutions will host exhibitions over the next six months (and we're sure it'll be coming up again and again over here). PST doesn't officially kick off until October, but some shows have already opened and marketing of course is underway. Here's a video of Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis and artist Ed Ruscha cruising around town and down the Sunset Strip, which Ruscha knows pretty well from shooting his 1966 book Every Building on the Sunset Strip. The LA Times says a 30 second version will run in Laemmle Theatres starting in November. [YouTube]

LOS ANGELES: The cloak-and-dagger-sounding new brokerage The Agency is officially official as a press release hit our inbox today. We first found out about the firm, founded by Real Househusband of Beverly Hills Mauricio Umansky and design specialists Billy Rose and Blair Chang, last week. Per the release, The Agency has designs on global domination and "plans to establish branches of its unique, boutique practice around the globe." It'll also set up a Development Division just for selling condos in luxury high-rises. Quoth Rose: "I recently toured high-rises with clients in New York, and I was reminded how unsophisticated the high-rise sales experience is here in Los Angeles." [Curbed Inbox]